SCR 2010

Who is going to SCR? I am maybe.

I might

Well I hope you would. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for double posting. I know it is still a long ways away but, Icthus, do you have any more info on where, when, how to register, rules. Is there a website? Old website?

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Thanks Icthus.
Do you now if there will be booths to buy yoyos and such? And when I when to the website I noticed that it did not name New Mexico. Can I still compete? Sorry for all the questions.

Yes you can. Anyone can compete. The reason there are certain states is for seeding to Nats.

Another Store will be there with a table FULL of stuff!

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im going!!! i’ll do the trick ladder. should be fun

Sweet. But unfortunately my family is thinking of going to nationals instead. Oh well, it’s good anyway.