SBL! – Ep 035 – Planet 9 – Tomorrow at 11am Central

I am literally vibrating like a 5 year old with ADHD on a sugar rush right now. Tomorrow show is going to be huge…. HUGE!!!

First, we have chosen our first contestant for Metal Makeover! If you have a yo-yo that you have loved too hard and would like to see it have new life breathed into it by the modfather, please email us pictures and your tale of woe to

Second, news news news. Some I can discuss…. Some I might not be able to discusssssss…. We’ll have to wait and see. But certainly some exclusive new coming out of Caribou Lodge. I can barely contain myself.

Third, NOTHING! There is no third thing!

Fourth, we are reviewing and then GIVING AWAY! the planet 9 from Yomerica Spindustries!!! What are you doing? WE ARE GIVING AWAY A PLANET 9!!! OMGGZZZZZZZZZZZROFLCOPTERFACEPLANTAWESOME!

Fifth, SEAN SAUTER IS BACK TO TEACH ANOTHER TRICK!!! Sean is an amazing yo-yoer in Minnesota with a fresh style that I like to call, Slaughter Style. It’s awesome!!! Well he is going to teach a trick. And it’s going to have a ridiculous name, and it’s going to be awesome.

Finally, we are back in the studio! So expect John Bot to provide some music music, and Kirby to try and read things on the teleprompter, and for the whole thing to be just magical.

EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL!!! I WANT YOU TO EMAIL US! I want your questions, I want your answers, I want to hear your hopes and dreams and magical things! Hi Speilberg, let do it together.

Love Always,

Here is the posted episode.