Save Icthus' House Fund!

  1. Yukki 401k- Scuffs around the rims. Comes w/ box and booklet and extra dials. $35 w/ free shipping! PENDING

Mint Senza Nome for 401K?

Changing things up a bit…

Buy the DV888 + 401k for $80 and all of the proceeds go to Icthus to SAVE HIS HOUSE!

No thanks.

Added some plastics



im confused whats happening with icthus’ house can he not like pay the mortage or something?

I cannot answer that for you and that doesn’t matter anyways. If Icthus needs help then I’m here to help.

You are a good man CaliBuddha, hopefully Icthus gets everything worked out

I hope Icthus can continue to live in his house.

DV888 + TFL + Painted FHZ + Bionic FH2 = $125 w/ free shipping!

I’m very tempted to buy the DV888. I gotta wait to get money though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll buy DV888 + X Convict for 50 Bucks?


You have 50 bucks but you need a free kickside?

Do you think you can hold the dv8 till the 26th/27th?

I can’t promise anything. If someone wants to buy it before then then they will get it.

X- Con is currently pending.

PM sent on package deal…