Save Icthus' House Fund!

  1. Yukki 401k- Scuffs around the rims. Comes w/ box and booklet and extra dials. $35 w/ free shipping! PENDING


Mint Senza Nome for 401K?


Changing things up a bit…

Buy the DV888 + 401k for $80 and all of the proceeds go to Icthus to SAVE HIS HOUSE!


No thanks.


Added some plastics



(Troy(oyo) #8



im confused whats happening with icthus’ house can he not like pay the mortage or something?


I cannot answer that for you and that doesn’t matter anyways. If Icthus needs help then I’m here to help.


You are a good man CaliBuddha, hopefully Icthus gets everything worked out


I hope Icthus can continue to live in his house.


DV888 + TFL + Painted FHZ + Bionic FH2 = $125 w/ free shipping!


I’m very tempted to buy the DV888. I gotta wait to get money though. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Edmeister) #17

I’ll buy DV888 + X Convict for 50 Bucks?




You have 50 bucks but you need a free kickside?


Do you think you can hold the dv8 till the 26th/27th?


I can’t promise anything. If someone wants to buy it before then then they will get it.


X- Con is currently pending.


PM sent on package deal…