I was trying to satin my yoyo but how do you satin the non axle half?


Take the axle off the axle half, then screw it on the non-axle half, and satin!,3903.0.html


thanks but how do you get it off cause mine is tight


I don’t recommend satining a yoyo unless you are prepared to potentially kill it lol. Have you ever seen a satined yoyo?

Youre actually removing material from a yoyo and can remove justa hair to much and throw off tolerances giving it a vibe or even wobble.

I killed a lot of yoyos back in the day because I taught myself to refinish yoyos lol. If youre dead set on trying to satin yourself go slow, watch what you’re doing an make sure you have a back-up yoyo to play with if its a failed attempted