Sasquatch No.9 Supernova Catalyst Superstar Heavy Cream, Rockstar, rare 888, 54


I can e mail you pictures if you’re interested
Price doesn’t include shipping. It will be another five dollars. I would really just like to ship to America (where I’m located)
Prices negotiable.


Sasquatch- yellow w/ blue speckle. No dings or scratches at all. Plays well, but not completely smooth. $105

No.9- red orange w/ yellow splash. No dings. Response is partly ripped out. $55

Supernova- Mateusz Ganc purple with gold splash. Mint. $120

Catalyst- blue w/pink acid wash. Several small white marks that can’t be felt. $75

Superstar- Victor gravitsky blue w/ silver splash. Two marks you can’t feel. $115

Heavy Cream- silver w/ purple splash. A bunch of little nicks around the rims. Vibe. $45

2012 rockstar- Purple w/ silver splash. One tiny nick. $80

888- Purple lord of the rings. Many tiny nicks that you can hardly feel. $80

54- all blue. 2 or 3 little scratches that you can feel and some white marks that you can’t feel.

                                                                                  Thanks for looking


Pics please.