SOOOOOO this is the 5th time trying to post this
I have everything for sale NO TRADES UNLESS YOU HAVE A MINT IN BOX BVM1 wolverine edition or clareview station colorways only

If you want additional pictures PM me or text me at 704-996-7671

Here’s prices and pictures

Rec rev TA-1: 30
Dif e yo wide sport: 15
Dif e yo dif fly F: 20
Dif e yo Juggernaut: 70 WITH BOX
General Yo/3yo3 collabricron: 45
Go big: 15
Wooden coffin case: 40
Deadpool case: 20

These prices are pretty solid
But might drop them a little bit

I will take pictures if you want me too
Just PM me or text me at 704-996-7671


Hey, do you have any pictures? Just warning you, this will get taken down if you don’t have pictures on this post. :slight_smile:

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