Saint Eel question

The Saint Eel is made out of stainless steel (get it? st. eel = steel), which tends to be stronger than aluminum, but not always. Does anyone know if it dents if you throw it at the ground?

Like whoopps I got a dent?
or tyler severance “well at least it got the vibe out?”
I assume it will still hget dings to answer your question

The material its made out of is stronger, so it will take more energy to cause the same amount of damage, but the only substance on earth they could use that would be able to resist dents would probably be diamonds… so just don’t worry about not getting dents. It will happen :o

Diamond BASKETBALL!!! :o

Yeah, I meant dings rather than dents. Unless it does dent. That would also be good to know, lol. Imagine if you just bought one of those things, take it out of the package, screw up your throw, and the thing just gets squashed! That’d be hilarious and suck super hard at the same time.

Basketball would be super expensive if that was actually true.

Not really sure what you mean by that but okay. :slight_smile:

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he meant like, dribbling a basketball, if it were to hit the ground and squash

it may dent i believe but thats gonna be hard to do

Haha my bad. I meant metal lol.

lol, I knew that. There are metals that don’t dent visibly when you drop 'em, though. It depends largely on construction, but for the most part 4130 steel won’t dent when it’s dropped. There’s gotta be other things too.