S/T 160gb harddrive,AMD Turion 64x2,2 512mb Ram Sticks ,Laptop LCD Monitor


The harddrive has a problem with a system 32 file, so you cant go on it basicely. Lot of viruses but they are in the virus locker with AVG Internet Security which expires soemtime this year. Its 160gb, it has a lot of stuff ((Including game info and what not, nothing really personal__

I have a AMD Turion 64x2 video card I believe.

I also have 2 512MB 2RX16 PC2-5300S-555-12-A3 M470T6554EZ3-CE6 0740
Samsung Ram Sticks Perfect Condition.

I also have a Laptop LCD Screen, its somwhere about 14in to 16 in Not sure. Puttin up pics in a min.

Offer yoyos/money or both. If you need to know what memory ram stick your laptop performs go http://www.crucial.com/systemscanner/index.aspx
And do the scanner thing, this will tell you what your computer supports and has.

If you are interested and I accept your price you ship first/pay first. Why you ask? Because I live in Hyde Park MA and you would be getting my address, a lot of yoyoers live in MA and one of them could easily report this to my parents.

I also have other parts of a laptop, if you are interested in anything else post here please.

In case I have no luck here Im going to put thiese up on eBay so incase something gets sold there Im going to take it off here.

Pictures -


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