S> MoVitation, kind of beat Anglam new CC, E=MC^2 super price drop!

Looking for: Pink Draupnir, maybe black, emerald or a blue Draupnir, maybe other Draupnirs and Cash.

Mo-Vitation- 3 scratches, pads kind of dead, smooth- 50 shipped
Fools Gold Puffin 2 - Gone
Anglam CC new Version- I say new but it has a good amount of scratches, and fingerspins kind of wore down the anodization in one cup. Still plays well though. - 115 shipped
E=MC^2 - I don’t really know if this is a B-grade because the laser engravings are either painted over or very faded. Vibey as heck, I heard that they’re supposed to be a little vibey but darn. 2 scratches and plays aight. 30 shipped.
Advanced Scout - Gone!

If you’re interested feel free to drop me a message or something and I’ll send more pictures.


pls respond

pls respond



pls respond