Russia Trip- A Yoyo Video

Hey guys,
I finished editing my video, I was too lazy to finish my video earlier. Anyways, I went to St. Petersburg and Moscow for two weeks, the trip was awesome and cool place to visit. Some new, some old tricks in the video. Enjoy!

Watcha think?

Happy Throwing! =]

great editing and nice and smooth yoyo tricks i like it very much man :smiley:

sweet. The tricks were so smooth!

what was that trick from about 2:30 to 2:40ish… it was really cool and inventive.

anyway, really wicked video i love how much fun u were having.

and it was funny how almost hit a pedestrian at around 1:22… hhaha

Thanks! It was a gyro floppy trick from the wrist mount. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

This video is similar to the edition of my Hatrick, Bad@$$

nice some of the most original arm tricks ive seen but you should edit out the sound from the clips so you dont here it mixed in with the music.

Thanks for the coments guys!

I have no idea what you’re talking about…

Happy Throwing! =]

idk dude, thats the best i can do…
Hope you like it…

Happy Throwing! =]