root beer float


in the g5 vid on youtube when they do the root beer float, it was amazing. can any1 explain to me how to do it or how its possible?


That one?

If so, I they use compressed air or something.


Thats how its done-- Compressed Air-- It works with any yoyo with the deep side.


Sorry - I mean an Air Compressor.


invisible thread tied to the hubstacks
Blowing air at it!

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #6

Yeah that’s why when the yo-yo would go to the side it would flal down.

It is an air compresser. I would love to try it myself!



can the 888s do it?


You can do it with a ping-pong ball and a hair dryer. For the 888s, you need a really strong air blower or something, something that blows with alot of force, more than 70 grams of force. But yeah. you can do it with an 888. But first, get a strong air blower. Not sure where though.