Right of Way

Great video.

I love the end, lol. You guys are amazing!!!

That guy in the blue shirt messed up a lot.

And yet he is probably 204504835 times better then you.

Wannabe Isaac

204504835 times is a nice way to put it… its probably more…

i haet u all!

Wannabe Mitch

110 views and only 2 replies not belonging to me or Mitch? PITIFUL!

woah guys chill. we dont want to start a flame war. calm down…

at 3:23 the guy with the blue shirt was awesome

You guy’s don’t seem to notice I’m kidding.


Beautiful =)


That follow/whip combo at around 2:30 was sweet, and the ending was funny


He should be facepalming because the stupidity was displayed upon your part.

Anyways, that my friend was one of the most insane videos I have ever seen. Crazy tricks.

you know its bad when you facepalm yourself…