Rextreme Weight rings


So one of my weight rungs isn’t properly placed, I noticed this my first time playing with it, a few hours after YoLexTravaganza, I’ll send pics in a bit. Should I fix it myself or send it back ASAP?


I’d say contact Learning Express, but they are a bit away.

Send pics, but I think contacting YYJ might be the best bet. I know I went INTO Learning Express after the event and they didn’t have much YYJ in stock. I think you got the last RexTreme. That’s where I got mine a few months ago.

I think I had a weight ring pop off my XCon Pro once. I just popped it back on, never been an issue since.


How can I pop the Rextreme’s weight ring back on?


I was able to put it back in by freezing the Rextreme’s half and pushing down on the ring. Popped right it in no time flat!