RESULTS - Robbie Graham VS Andrew Robinson

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Robbie Graham

Andrew Robinson

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Andrew! He was sooooo smooth

Both were really great, voted for Robbie though.

The boi andrew killing it!!


Im going with andrew on this one :slight_smile:

Andrew killed!

My vote goes to Andrew.


Andrew all the way…

Both were great but I’m a lot more used to Andrew’s 1A and Robbie’s 5A so it went to Andrew easily for me.

Question though, Andrew…were you using the Triton that you had for the review? It sounds like it did in the review, haha.

Yes I was using the Triton. Already had it out so I decided to use it for the video. :slight_smile:

Both were really good, but I had to go with Andrew.

Andrew! Liking the bind at the end !

I see, but does it measure up to the JP?

Alright the polls are closed.

Good game Robbie. Thanks for the battle.

sure thing! This was fun.