Responsive Battosai

Hi everyone I recently got a VsNYYC Battosai, and it is by far my favorite yoyo, or it would be for just one problem. The response in it seems pretty inconsistent. I haven’t changed the response, bearing string or anything like that. Even if I have perfect string tension it still shoots up the string on a tug that would on of my unresponsive yoyo collection not snap back unexpectedly. So I was hoping that you guys could help me out with a way to solve my problem. by the way apart from it’s response problem the yoyo is a beast ;D
By the way I’ve been playing withit for between 2-3 weeks and it hasn’t gotten much better from when I got it :-\

Check the bearing seat, clean the bearing, and play with it for a week at least. :smiley:

Try making sure the bearing is perfectly fitted into the yoyo. As Vivo said maybe clean the bearing, and use it for a while wearing down the response on it.