Removing sili that got.. everywhere!


I got silicone in my everywhere… To get it out can i use acetone? Or something else?
What won’t harm my through?


Pay more attention and be more careful next time.

Best bet is as long as you’ve “broken it off” from the silicone recess, wait for it to cure and then use a toothpick or a pin or some other fine object to dig it out. Patience is your biggest friend right now. Wait it out.


I was trying… It was the first time… It mostly happened while trying to flatten it out…


Wait for it to dry part-way and scrape it off, you’ll get the hang of it.


I’ve found that if you use a plastic spoon to take the excess sili off most of it will collect in the spoon itself and not smoosh all over the place. The excess that will be left you can rub off w/ your finger after its dry.


i used goo gone and it worked great it made it a liquid. It also got in my bearing kinda acted like a thin lube =/


You didn’t take your bearing out before doing this?


Try cleaning a sloppy sili job on an Echo. All of those ridges make it a pain to get rid of the silicone. Best thing is to let it cure, then take a toothpick or edge of a blister pack and use that to scrape stuff out of the bearing seat.


Dried up silicone comes off with nail polish remover. Take a piece of cotton or maybe a small piece of gauze, soak it a little and start wiping. Guaranteed to work.


It won’t harm the anno?


Nope, not at all. Done it plenty of times with my DV888. Anno is put on there with chemical methods and has been fused with the metal on a chemical level. The nail polish remover only removes stuff that is external and hasn’t been fused.