Remove bearing from multitool

How do you do it.

According to the yoyofactory,

How do I get my bearing unstuck from the multitool?
Press it on a flat hard surface. The bearing is just on an angle. Make it perpendicular to the tool and it comes off

I’m not exactly sure what they mean. Can somebody explain it?

I think it means that the bearing is stuck because it is not directly flat onto the bearing tool. So you must press it downwards on a table to flaten it, and that will unstuck it.

That’s what I think it means.

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aha, that makes sense.

it still isn’t working.

Hmm, not sure then. I don’t have the multitool yet, it’s currently in the mail truck.

Seems to be a common problem lately.
Have you checked here or here?

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Philip, don’t be one of those bearing removal noobs :smiley: You know the drill… unless it really is crazy stuck like you sound like it is.

Haha. I don’t know, the way they described it just didn’t click. But it actually wasn’t that. It was just crazy stuck on there. Notice I said ‘was’. It is now back in my yoyo. Thanks to jhb for the links.

I basically just gripped the metal part of the tool with some pliers (not to tightly) and hammered a screw that was pointing into the multitool until it came out. It’s hard to describe clearly.

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