Release to the public?

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A little explanation would’ve helped. x[

(JosephP) #3

I don’t get it? LOL


Jayyo is crazy. That’s that.

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Apetrunk got that right


I think that this needs some east coast love before it goes public ;D


I think what he’s trying to say is that either he or it’s another company that has just opened up and made their own yo-yos and strings. He’s asking if it’s a good idea to release to the public.

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he’d get more feedback with a little more info.


But it’s Josh and, well, Josh is special. Haha.


Pshh… You don’t get… well I do, Josh i would love to take all of thast for Free with no cost to me. lol Jk unless you want to lol


Its 4am and Im looking at your picture, yeh what the heck, its ready for release…

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omg thats what I thought

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