Really Cheap PC/PC Gaming Parts **WILLING TO NEGOTIATE**

Hello all! I’m trying to get rid of a bunch of excess gaming gear and computer peripherials because I can really use them moolazzz $$

You MUST pay for shipping. Its a small price for these big savings you save  :stuck_out_tongue:

AMD R9 270 Graphics Card
Sells for about 130$ new, Selling for 60$

Heavily used for almost 3 years, but still works flawlessy. Never had a problem with it. This game runs almost every game at max settings @ 60fps (especially if you dont mind playing games with AA off). If you buy this, I’ll throw in my VR headset (see below) for free.

Razer Deathstalker Gaming Keyboard
Payed 80$, Selling for 40$

Works perfectly, nothing wrong with it, not used much. It feels quite satisfying to press the buttons, if I say so myself  :smiley:

Roccat Kone Pure Gaming Mouse
Payed 35$ ish I think? Selling for 15$

The structure of this mouse is the sturdiest I’ve used so far, while being one of the lightest mice I’ve used. Very nice feeling, only a couple hours of use, and you can download software from Roccats’ website to customize this mouse even further (including the glowing logo color you see in the picture).

Some Chinese Virutal Reality Headset
Payed 15$, Selling for 8$, or for free if you buy the Graphics card

Although this headset isn’t that great, there are a couple of Google Play apps that you can play around with for fun. This is a good little sneak peak to what virtual reality is, in case you were ever curious (VR is AWESOME) You simply launch an app then put your phone (every phone should work except for a Galaxy Note phone) onto the white suction cups, then look through the goggles! The suction cups are admittedly a little unsticky, you might need to keep readjusting your phone to make it straight). Ask me for some apps to try out.

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