I’m sure a lot of you know, but Zach Gormley (Zach61o6)
Got sponsored by CLYW!
He is the newest addition to the CLYW Flow team!
Congratulations Zach!

Congrats Zach! I’ll be rooting for ya!

So that’s where he’s been. Zach should give us all his Autograph

I’ll be happy to if you can meet up with me. :wink:

I hung out with you at bac for 8 hours, but I had never thought of that. :-/

Eh, I don’t care :smiley:

I should’ve signed your nose.

I should’ve signed your butt with my foot. >:D

haha. btw everyone my profile is coming soon. :wink:

Awesome Zach! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen you up here. I made a post wondering where you were.

I’m the one who got him back :smiley:

Ha, I knew it. From the second he posted in the thread about BAC when he got sponsored, I’ve been checking CLYW’s blog every hour too see when they would update it.

Congratulations Zach

Gratz Zach!

Congratulations Zach! Your an awesome player!

congrat zach!!!

Good work Sir good work

Congrats Zach, and great job at BAC!

Yay, it’s finally here!
Awesome profile! :smiley:

I read it a while ago, it is awsome.