Re: Top secret tacky tama technique

Top secret method of making a tama have instant tack.
Purchase a block of raw beeswax from any craft store, breakoff a small piece, rub a conservative amount right onto the surface of your tama, and then smooth it down with your fingers.
This will create a staggering amount of tack, and the beautiful thing is, you can just clean it off any time or simply wait a couple of weeks to wear itself off!
Shhhhhhhh :wink:

What if you melt it into your paint and paint your dama?

Paint and wax will not mix

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It’s a bit serendipitous to see this thread here. Just this afternoon I was throwing a kendama I just bought and I was thinking to myself; “you know, I bet it would be a lot easier to “stick” these landings if I just applied a bit of wax to these cups.”

(of course I was also thinking that would be tantamount to cheating.)

I’m opposed to the idea that tacky kendamas are cheating. If they are, then so are Yoyos with bearings.

I’m gettin’ me some beeswax.

Would this work on natural and stained kendamas?

I bet it would work beautifully. And last longer.

I wonder if MFD buff would work.

Wouldn’t polish make paint slippery?

Yes, but buff is sorta sticky too.

The wax goes on the ball (tama); not the ken- just for clarification

But would it work in the cups? Say you applied it to the Dama and the cups would it grip even better?

Whats a Rama?

: a deity or deified hero of later Hinduism worshipped as an avatar of Vishnu
Origin: Sanskrit Rāma.
First use: 1819

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Actually, they do. It’s called encaustic painting. However, it would be a whole lot of work for something that would be worn through pretty quickly.