RCS Author & G2 Campagin for sale/trade

Hi all,

The following 2 yoyos are for sale or trade. Prices (are negotiable) include shipping with tracking in the original box. Discounts for buying more than 1. Trade wants and imgur album is at the bottom.

  • Rain City Skills Author, NMTBS (No visible marks, lightly used), comes with lego hub
    fingerspin caps and typical RCS goodies (legos, stickers, etc.) - $40
  • G2 Heroic Campaign, Near mint (1 visible mark shown in album) - $40 shipped

Trade wants:
OD Rebirth
OD Virtuoso
OD Top Deck
OD Dang 2

May be interested in other One Drop yoyos (or other brands, but Iā€™m mainly looking for OD). Feel free to make an offer.

Imgur album: https://imgur.com/gallery/xUwKQGF

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All gone, thanks everyone

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