RARE WM, PURE and GG FS - Want cool FHs (especially Metäl Fh)

galactic goose - basically mint but it has been used. With box. Gold/brown edition. $100 Shipped USA

Pure - VSOP edition. I think i have the box. Pin pricks around the rim but a little polish would take most of em out. (Note - the VSOP pure comes with raw rims stock)
$135 Shipped USA

I also have this:

offer cash

What im looking for:

Metäl freehand (just so you know i dont want a metal Free hand zero the Metäl is a custom freehandzero by Luke vader and atomic cow)

Cool (modded?) Free Hand Zeros
(Modded or stock) Hyper Freehands
Free Hand 1s

Ill probably end up buying most of the freehands but if anyone wants to trade 1 or 2 rare free hands or a few cooler ones for one of the metals i have up im game.


what your price for the marmot?

I PMed you. Please keep all offers to PM for future reference everyone.

i have a very nice fhz i would trade

that is a mooded fhz