Rare G2, Turning Point, YYR, and others UPDATED

All prices are F&F, shipped CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. I will ship them no later than the next day, weather permitting. I have sold thousands in high end guitars over the last few years as well as doing business with a lot of people on the various BSTs. I have several references if need be. I’m not interested in regular PayPal given the amount I’m selling because I don’t want the tax headache next year.

If they came with a box and I still have the box they are in the picture. I have the pouches for the ones that came with pouches. I will say all of them are near mint. There might be a touch of fingernail vibe on a couple but no string vibe. I don’t know which G2s are glitches for sure because I haven’t unscrewed them. A lot of these are extremely rare or one of throws.

Full Nebula set. As far as I know this is the full set out there. The AL7 Life doesn’t have a box. $1600
Swirl Hawk. $275
Swirl Banshee. $250
Banshee splash. $200
Raw Luna Proto V3 $150
Andromeda Wolf. $250
Blackout Valhalla. $100
Splash Reaper. $100
Banshee SS Brass. $100
Turning Point St. Elmo.$60
Turning Point MSG. $180
Turning Point Hinemosu. $180
Turning Point Aster. $225
Puckett Power. $75
Prohibition. $75
Yoyorecreation .9. $125
Danny You. $100

Link to gallery: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Heavy Breathing

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Mongoose set, Star Trail, and Luftverk bundle are gone.

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Forgot the time stamp photo


Wow u got a great collection man them turning points are great whoever grabs em

Updated the post to reflect what’s still available.


Post updated with what’s left.

I would trade for a Rainicorn Wolf, Mailday Marvel, and/or a Wonka swirl in your favor. I would also be interested in trading for a mint TP Mustang, Lufverk Alpine, or a mint blue/purple Metativity.