Raptor Caps On or Off

Do you like the raptor better with the caps on or the caps off?

Totally off. Caps on, it becomes very heavy, much too heavy for my play or just any normal play. It helps a bit with hand starting, but that doesn’t really make a difference.

Caps off, it has the right weight, and it’s mroe pure metal.

I like the raptor better with caps off.

Who cares

Everyone who has posted in this thread besides you.

Mine actually never came with caps, probably because of being the ‘Triple Crown’ edition…it came in a small white box with a Duncan sticker on it. I would have probably played it capless anyway, not sure how a metal would feel with plastic caps.

It feels kind of weird with the plastic caps on. Sometimes the string would hit the caps and it would make a sound. I play with the caps off; I don’t even know where they are.