Random and rare vintage Cards


so yeah ii got some vintage Batman TMNT Power Rangers (MIGHTY MORPHIN) terminator 2 and pokemon also the ohh and

(DOGS) #2

Last I checked the BST was for yoyo related sales and trades.


actually some people here sell there stuff like cams ipods beyblades and stuff so am not the only one who does that


stop blaming others. Those who sell NYYR stuff also sell a few throws…


whats wrong with u its non of UR business i got 2 threads one for yoyos and the other for NYYR… DTM


More Pics


That top row of pokemon cards look like fakes


i actually dont know i had them when i was young and i cant remember where did i get them from :-\

how do i know originals from fakes :slight_smile:


Don’t mind me saying, but here is a quote from Andre himself in the rules

  1. Bumping Rules
  • Sellers must combine their Ads and cannot post new Ads unless their previous Ad is Closed or deleted.

Just a heads up


ok man but u no he just gotta mind his business
bump every day
i cant combine the 2 i dont know how and the thread will be full of pics and will just be frustrating :confused:
thanks for your advices :wink: :smiley:


press modify, copy the whole thread, go to the other thread, press modify and paste at the bottom.


uhmm and what about the pics ??


they will move aswell


i copied it but it only copied the words no pics so so i press back to find out a way but still no so should i copy before i press modify or what ???


ah, the pictures are attached, upload the pictures to the internet.


maybe i will let icthus do it when he sees it until then i will leave it tell some one make an offer :wink: