Rainbow bliss, blue cs bliss, rare cadence, rare sk


BC Canada - best ways of contact are imessege (778773I672) snapchat (SKR818)

looking for titanium , will trade very well for any ART grail, 420, vi ix, etc

wainbow bliss _ a grade dead smooth light scratches nothing noticeable 9.2/10 140$

CS BLISS _ b++ grade, heavy cosmetic scratch but total champ very very smooth 7.1/10 100$

olive SK _ A grade just a couple light light scraches rarest color sold out first 8.6/10 70$

SEAFOAM CADENCE _ a grade sold out in 15 mins, engraving, light scraches,wear 8/10 70$


$160 for a bliss? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It be like that sometimes


Na man. Especially not with scratches. There is a wainbow bliss on fb bst for $85 that isn’t selling. Good luck.


Aren’t those prices a bit too much considering that they’re also damaged?

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Yes, this is a funny post.


Just gotta say man that’s ridiculous prices… The olive drab sk is not rare… My brother’s buddy just started and got one mint in box for 35 off the bst on FB …I have a nickel one I got from one drop for 40. Have the first run purple that sold out quicker and I wouldn’t sell it for more than 40 shipped.


Depending on photos, I would recommend the following prices:

Wainbow bliss: $70 USD
CS: $50 USD
SK: $30 USD
Cadence: $40 USD
Shipping: $10 USD
Total: $200 USD

If I was in a position to buy, I would totally do this myself. As I’m not currently in a position to buy these, I wish you the best of luck. Price them this way, and you’ll have them sold pretty quick.

(Ken) #9

That might be a bit too low…maybe a 10 dollar increase in each price?


Not at the condition listed… Possibly lower if they’re vibey too or the “scratches” are in poor places.

And that’s meant as a package deal.

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boi these are way overpriced

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