***Radical Seas Prototype + sOMETHING***

All prices are OBO, feel free to negotiate!
PayPal Only
Shipping not included:
CONUS - $3 First Class
International - $10 First Class

• Radical Seas Selkie Prototype (Mint, Proto Vibe) - $60 OBO

• sOMETHING The V (Extremely minor nick, Smooth) - $30 OBO

• sOMETHING Addiction (Mint, Plastic Vibe) - $20 OBO

$45 Shipped for the 2 plastics

Are you aware that photobucket doesn’t allow 3rd party links in image tags any more. Thus your pics are not visible here…
Just give the links to the pics on photobucket.

Haven’t been on the BSTs in a while, thanks for the tip! :slight_smile: