Quiet and responsive.

So my Severe is acting really quiet and responsive. Any idea’s of what’s happening? Nothing’s in the bearing and also do you think a good cleaning and lightly lubing will do good?

I associate quiet and responsive with thick lube. But since there’s nothing on the bearing, that’s probably not the case.

Also is it tug-responsive or just slightly responsive? Try playing with it for a bit to see if it becomes unresponsive before cleaning the bearing.

how long have you had it. if its new it could be breaking in. i would play it a few days or clean and lite lube

There’s a certain quietness that comes from being overlubed… it’s a less humming quietness than a good lubed bearing.

It’s all broken in, I got it at the BAC 2010, so it’s broken in, and it’s a dry bearing, and this has happened before,and it doesn’t go away. Any more help?

that happens to me too ???

What did you do before?

Other then that, have you siliconed it recently?

just keep throwing it

No guys, it’s 100% stock, no silicone, it’s just the stock response, never hit it on the ground, my point is it’s 100% stock, all broken in, and this happening.

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