Quick Question about Side Effect Yoyos


Say you strip your SE throw. You could just order a new set of SE’s and it’d be as good as new, right? Because SE’s come with an axle and the threads are inside the SE, right? Just wondering. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yes… but it is very hard to strip a SE throw…


Yep! This is one of the main reasons to use Side Effects.


I figured that. I haven’t actually stripped my SE throw, I was just wondering for future reference. Thanks!


thanks! I was thinking about this and I just started saying out loud, “if that’s true, Side Effects are pure genius!” I couldn’t stop lol. It’s such a great idea! I can’t get over it haha. Thank you. :slight_smile:



If you stripped things further than that, then SE’s are the least of your concerns!

(WildCat23) #7

I don’t think anyone has ever stripped side effects before (If they have, I haven’t heard of it).