Questions about legacy

Hi, Ive got some questions about legacy:

  1. Should I get Legacy if I alredy have PGM?
  2. Does legacy spin longer than PGM?
  3. Fits 10ball ballbearing to Legacy?
  4. Does response system in Legacy wear out quickly?
  5. What other response system fits it?
  6. Is Legacy good for slack tricks?
  7. Is it goood for learning long string sricks (white budha,ladder escape etc.)?
  1. If you want to. They are 2 different yoyos.
  2. Spin length cannot be compared. Depends on how you clean, lube and maintain your bearing, and your throw.
  3. Yes, it should fit 10 ball bearing.
  4. No, it lasts for a long time, maybe a few months.
  5. It can fit yyj silicone pads, and lots of pads.
  6. Yes.
  7. Yeah.
  1. Yes, Legacy has somewhat of a different feel to it than a PGM. I would recommend it.
  2. Depends on the throw, bearing, string, etc. But yes, it spins longer in my experience with the two
  3. Yes, Im pretty sure it does. Im not positive though.
  4. Depends on how much you play it. Mine lasted from Christmas of 2008 till 3 days ago. So No it does not.
  5. Silicone K-pads 888 sized. I find these work very well. Or you can just put more silicone in it.
  6. Yes, I believe it is. I think A K-os works better for Slacks but seeing as they arent made anymore I would say the Legacy will work fine.
  7. Yes, it is. Ladder Escape is somewhat intricate and the Legacy is a wee bit large.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

oh yeah, connor is right. When learning complicated popping through numerous holes tricks, legacy is a bit hard to use. Tricks like Plan D, Ladder escape etc. because it is pretty big.

The Legacy does spin a very long time and the very wide gap makes landing tricks. The Silicone flush will last long maybe a life time. 10-ball bearing IDK but and with long spin times the slacking tricks are possible. A hybrid is better for slacking but legacy is good enough. Here:

  1. Yes if you want to.
  2. In my experience, stock, no. However, if you really want to, you can.
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. Flowable silicone
  6. I guess…but I think it is more based on the string cough Perfect Fir String cough
  7. Yeah, but it will be slightly difficult cause its big.

This review I wrote highlights the differences

Thank you guys for all replies. I think Ill get this or DM but not now cause I dont have enough money :’(. Last question: Would you recomend 10ball for Legacy???

I don’t post much but I think I know what yu are asking here.
1.Both these yo yo’s are close in specs.,only buy both if you want to compare them,or just want both.
2.See answer #1(Stock,in the hand of equal players you’ll get about the same spin times)But if you are asking this question the straight answer is no.
3.Yes a 10 ball will fit.
4.No.This is probally ONE OF the longest lasting response systems out there.
5.flowable silicone,the 888 sized pads,and you can even put O’rings in for more response.I put O’rings in when I was having trouble binding.They served the purpose.
6.Well this one I can’t answer.I haven’t done any YET.(the questions you are asking tells me that you shouldn’t worry about it and this should not be what determines which yo is good for you.)
7.These are hard tricks for a beginner to be worried about.Trust me you’ll be able to answer this question yourself before you need to know.
8.A 10 ball is a good bearing.You will have to clean it or play it a lot for it to spin longer than the bearing that comes with the legacy because legacy bearing comes cleaned with the yo yo.The 10 ball is almost always very responsive when you get it.