Question on BAC guessing

I got all of the people right for the BAC guessing game except Yuuki Spencer. But he got 2nd so do you think I will get a second place prize???

-Thanks Alec W.

dont think so…

Well then how do you get 2nd place?

If more than one person got all the choices right then one of those people is randomly chosen to win the grand prize. The other ones get the 2nd prize. Five people can win the 2nd place prize.

I thought everyone that got all right would be put in a drawing for grand, then everyone that got 4/5 went in a drawing for 2nd place prizes.

So, who won the drawing?

results here:

I don’t think a winner has been chosen yet

Actually, you only got three people right.

i got 4 right. i looked and no one got all of them right if im correct no one got the 3A champion right?

I think the 3A champ came from Japan or something.

yes he did

I don’t think the 3A should count. Just kidding, unless you knew he was coming then you had a major advantage. :stuck_out_tongue:

i got 4 out of 5
only if paul yath competed i would have gotten 5 right