why yoyo’s are just heavy in the axle side of the yoyo? (of, course there is the axle that makes the other side of the yoyo heavy.)

so the other side is light because the axle is not to that side attached with.

so now. the axle side is heavy and the non-axle side of the yoyo is light.


-is it design like that?
-if yoyo makers make’s that both sides of the gap of the yoyo (the non-axle & the axled-attached) is equal in weight, is the yoyo will not play good?

I’m just curious. ;D

Well, once the axle is screwed onto the other side, it will be relatively balanced and will not affect it. Thus the yoyo is in fact balanced. If the axle was separate, then it would be just a big hassle to put it on and off again.