I’ve traded with him the most, so he is one of the people I will do feedback on.

  1. He is really chill & polite
  2. He communicates with me and keeps me up to date on the situation
  3. He ships fast, via USPS. Just the way I like it.

THe only bad thing I have ever experienced (right now actually :P) Is he can sometimes be a little bit late on shipping. My man, Q, has a tight schedule :P. But trust me, he will ALWAYS make it up to you.

Wonderful trader, message me if you need to know anything more about trading with him :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, another person I can trust if I ever get around to trading or buying. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Q) #3

Don’t sass me though.
Ben can attest to what happens if you sass me.

(Mack) #4

Ive traded with Q also, he is true and legit. couldnt find a nicer guy

(Q) #5

Speaking of which.

Ben, I hot the package back today. It’ll be out in one days time. :slight_smile:


Q’s great.
Never had a problem with his shipping. Patience is a virtue afterall :wink:
If there was one model trader, it’d be him. Oh, except one thing. GET A CAMERA YOU BUM :wink:
I wanna be like Q when I grow up! Even though I’m pretty sure I’m older than him…