Purchasing cheap yoyos in bulk quantity for event with children

Happy New Year everyone!

So on February 22nd my church is hosting a father/“big brother”(adults who would be with those who do not have father’s) & son event. There will be 40+ children that are 12 years of age and younger along with adults attending. What I’m trying to do is set up a yoyo “workshop” in which the children and possibly even their parents/older siblings would come and pick a yoyo that they’d get to keep as I teach them the basics of yoyoing. I’ve had several of them come up to me over the years wanting to learn and this is my chance to provide them with that experience.

What I’m wondering is if there’s a possible way to purchase (for example) YYJ Classics in bulk, in order to be able to provide the community with something that could get them started without breaking the bank. Would that be something to directly e-mail Andre about?

I really want to reach out and spread the joys of yoyoing to the younger generation. Thanks in advance everyone!

Email Andre. I’m sure that’ll be a good start. He’s a really helpful guy!

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Good idea.
If you clean a few Dollar Trees out of their ball bearing yoyos, you should be set. Grab some bulk string as well to give a few out. Showing them how to change it would be beneficial.

I’d email Yoyojam or Yoyofactory to see if you can get some reduced bulk costs on cheap plastic yoyos.


This is a great back up idea if talking to companies doesn’t work.

^this… just pick up the phone and call YYJ, YYF, Duncan. I was able to gift my sons 5th grade class some yo’s at the end of school last year. You will get a bigger break in cost than you think. :wink:

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