Psychique genocide trick by xela!!!!


here my hardest trick:
i hope you like it!!!
coments are welcome.

video is bad qualitie, i have to change my video recorder…


Woah, thats amazing :o


definitly the trick i prefer from you !! slack pawaaaaaaaa 8) 8)

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Very nice!
I like the slacks in the trick, and the hand grind you somehow throw into the trick, that just blew my mind!

Thanks for sharing!


(system) #5

I see why you are sponsored by Rollout!


I didn’t even know that!

Anyways, awsome trick! I love it. :slight_smile:

(Zach Smith) #7

This is absolutely INSANE!!! :o


i’m happy you like it!
no i’m not sponsored buy rollout!
i’m in rollout team, it’s not the same.
i’m in another team too…
huge one! i’ll let you know soon!