protostar wipe, help

i wanna clean off the yellow star on the inside rims

any suggestions?

I would also like to know how~

If you stick it on a dremel, lathe, or a drill, you can use sandpaper to lightly push on the hub to take off the design.

No don’t use sand paper!!!

Take a rag and get some dot3 brake fluid that is used in cars. Most men with a car will have this. It’s cheap and you can get it at any connivence store if you don’t have it.
Get a small part of the rag like a finger tip’s worth and rub till it’s gone. Then wipe the area off with a clean dry part of the rag and you are done. The sandpaper will rough it up. The brake fluid method will keep the shine of the plastic.


Thanks icky… I wouldn’t mind mine textured, Its just my preference I guess.

thanks for the help