Project 9’s first release is now up and selling for $55.00 shipped. This yoyo is smooth and considered undersized for a diameter of 42mm. There is a center trac installed for more balanced playin preformance. TO PURCHACE IT PM ME FOR PAYING. If you want to see it in action a video is up and check them out on these links below:

Here are the specs for the Project 9 Twister:

Diameter: 42 mm 
Width: 39 mm
Response System: General Yo hat pads
Weight: 71 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (Center Trac)
(.250 x .500 x .187)

Please leave a comment and your feedback

Are you selling them at YoyoExpert? If not then I suggest you find a different way of advertising. I will not allow you to sell them as a manufactured run unless Andre sells them for you.

Thats a really strange and original design right there. But like Icthus said don’t advertise unless your gonna supply Andre with some…