Project 2 FS

Selling my son’s P2 - orange/orange, flow groove. I bought a MarkMont a few weeks ago, he loved it, so he decided he wanted a P2 - but after using it a while, he decided it just isn’t for him. Only really looking for cash, or he might consider CLYW trades - but probably just cash, since he’s looking at a Marmot now. Has two small scuffs on rims, and one small mark / ano scratch on the grooves on one side. Comes with original box. Offer up!

Edit: best offer so far is $75, buyer paying shipping (int’l). Last call, I’ll close the deal tomorrow.

$60? ;D

$65 ^.^

$70. ;D

Bump for the amazingness of the P2. Take the $70 man!!

Best offer is $75 + shipping (int’l) - last call, will close this out tomorrow.