Problem with Double Or Nothing (AKA: Do I need a glove?)

I’m a newbie (started 2 weeks ago) and am having trouble with doing Double Or Nothing. Mainly when doing it in the Matrix

I can do the trick well enough, but when I land the string around my non throw hand (I play left handed) the string seems to rub on my index finger and really irritates the skin. I figured I should just get used to it, but then the skin started to bleed. Then when I put a band-aid on it, the string slipped off the band-aid and on to another part of the skin. Where it once again started to bleed.

The odd thing is, the only time this happens is when the string wraps around my non-throw hands index finger the FIRST time. Not the second time, or when it wraps around my throw hand.

So my question is, what is it I’m doing wrong? Is my throw off? Do I need a glove? The string is polyester, do I need something else?

Or am I just a wimp who needs to get over it? :-X

Any help would be great!

You’re most likely pulling your hand apart to space for the second wrap AFTER the string is already around your finger. Because of this, your giving yourself severe rope burn. What type of string are you using? I would work on getting your hand position correct BEFORE the first wrap, and consider buying softer/slicker string. If all else fails, try out a glove ^^ Good luck!

Are you using cotton string? That stuff is pretty rough. Get a 50/50 poly/cotton blend or 100% Polyester string, like Highlights.

I added what string I have to the first post

The string is polyester.

That sounds identical to what I’m doing. How do I keep myself form doing that? Because it seems if my throw hand does not follow the yoyo it tilts off center.

Wow, I should learn to read.

Once the yoyo reaches the end of the string, the throwhand isn’t guiding the yoyo anymore, gravity is. Just let it swing around, and do what you need with your fingers.

Exactly what Xdohl said. Try to get your fingers to act as pivots for the string, and let the yoyo do the actual work.

Ok, I just went and tried what you guys were talking about and I think I figured it out.

Could it be that my string is too long?

the string seems to rub when the yoyo is coming up and over my index. The string comes up too much and ends up sliding off my finger a little.

My string is about 7" above my belly button. Is that too long?

I know it’s supposed to be at your belly button but it didn’t seem to bother me until now.

Also, thank you all for your help!

You can have it long if you want but I think your problem is that you just need to figure out how far apart your hands need to be for landing the double or nothing so that when you do it you don’t need to move your hands much.

A long string could make it harder to line things up correctly, but if it’s your preference I’m sure you can get used to it. Just work on getting things smooth, lined up right, and not too tight around any of your fingers. You’ll figure things out on your own with practice, just make sure you STOP if your fingers are hurting from anything!

Good to know! :smiley:

I think I just need to practice what you guys are talking about.

Thanks so much everyone for your help!

A string should go to just your bellybutton. Seven inches… that’s quite large.

If I want something a little longer, what is the max? 1"? 3"?

I don’t see why you want it longer, I mean any length is fine. I would say at most, 2 inches but it’s your preference. If you have a shorter string, it has better control. The belly button method is the golden standard because it is usually perfect for control and length per person.

I usually have my string slightly longer than the height of my bellybutton.

However, that’s not your problem. You probably just have very sensitive skin. I’d wear gloves if I were you (tons of pros do it too). Eventually, you’ll develop harder skin where the string goes. Just wait until then and you can take the gloves off.

Good luck :wink:

yeh man just make sure you have ur hands r space out good enough

If you have trouble with spacing, I suggest that you start out with your hands about 1/4-1/5 the length of your string apart.(for me that’s about a little less than a foot) Then just adjust to your preference. :wink:

You should probably try to get new string. Some string is soft. And if you’re needing help on the trick, then when the string is about to go over your finger the third time, make the string wrap around the tip of you’re finger. :wink:

Polyester is a tough string. Don’t really do cotton. I’d go with YYN Highlights or Slick 6. Has a soft feel.

That isn’t the problem of the length of a string.
actually, I faced this problem also.
Are u using the string for a long time??
I’ve my frd yoyo using a string for a year and the string have a large friction and easily burn my finger.
Another thing is, do your hand sweet very much??
If u, I think u better get a glove and the problem solve.
or, just learn me, switch on the air-con before playing, this can reduce the sweet.
One more thing, replace the string when u feel the string is too sticky.

yeah check out yoyoexperts bulk poly string that will help ALOT.