Prices 9/23 flash sale today - FS: Ti-vayder, G2 valhalla, OD Diorama/Deepstate SM

Hello everyone! looking to sell a few throws I don’t use anymore - if a price doesn’t seem right lmk!

All mint aside from OD deepstate which has the highlights and tried to adjust for price on that since saturday market still smooth

FF pref naturally - shipping included unless foreign then we can chat on working something out - pref to be conus

ti-vayder (has box) - $200
G2 Valhalla (has box) - $60
OD Diorama (has box)- $55
OD Deep state SM (has box)- $60


bump and updated prices





It’s kinda crazy that these one drops are sitting here still at that price…

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I agree lol

flash sale price today 9-23 only
ti vayder $180
~~ g2 valhalla $50~~sold
OD Diorama (has box)- $50
OD Deep state SM (has box)- $50