Price drops!DS Wrath, General yo, CLYW

I have only a few left. Paypal only, no international shipping.
I only want to sell these .Prices are negotiable slightly so pm me with offers. I am looking sell quickly so any close offer may be excepted.
from left to right
Clyw Gnarwhal 2, MiB, supposedly there is a pinprick somewhere but I could not find it.$95 shipped SOLD!
Clyw Gnarwhal, Jack o lantern, MIB ,thrown once, 125$shipped Sold!!!
Clyw, Chief $110 shipped OBO!
Clyw Bonfire,MIB Awesome,110 Shipped SOLD!
Clyw Hulk smash OG FG avalanche,Couple of small teeny nicks.I have no ideal why the its fg because it is smooth and the colorway looks great.75$

Offer well for these if your interested.No lowballs
General yo M10,Comp grade for a small scratch under the ano .With box.Smooth 65$shipped sold!
General yo Prestige,Smooth Mint with box 100$shipped
General yo BA KLR Smooth Mint with box 140$ if I sell it at all. Will not except any less sold!
General yo BA Majesty,Smooth Mint with box 100 shipped General yo B grade Entheos,Smooth,Mint No box50
General yo Plus grade Sold!
Essence,Smooth A few scrapes on rims but not major. Still a nice throw and plays very well,No Box 60$ shipped Sold!
DS wrath, Mint Smooth and Awesome Player. Has a new axle and Pads,No Box 80$ Shipped

Pm Me with offers if you are close to asking price

Thanks for looking