Price Drop - FS Clyw exia arbiter YYF

FS only, I bought a few too many throws this week. Prices reduced!

Advanced Scout - one tiny pin prick, $135

Horizon - A grade, one dent doesn’t break ano, finish feels so good on this one $20

Brass Arbiter Glitch - $80

Exia - A grade mint $80

Lunar eclipse - MIB $50

Shutter - mint (might have box) $45

Unidentified throw - tiny lines can’t be felt pictured. It’s very fun and stable I just love wide bois. I paid $30 say $25 or FT? Might even trade for strings or cws or something fun if u wanna entertain curiosity like I did

Trade wants:
Clyw stuff / 28stories as always
G2 wolf aftershock or Marvel
SF wainbow stuff
I like inner ring bimetals
Offer anything not listed happy to talk
I got money to add to deals as well

If you buy multiple you only pay the $5 once, that is the shipping factored.

Will ship intl at buyers expense

Fnf preferred but g&s fine and we can discuss insurance of course.


Bump unidentified bimetal pending

price drop

Bump plz buy my throws :rofl:

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