preview of cloud 9 yoyo sting


so here we go just a little preview of the cloud 9 string before i get rid of it hope you like the picks
btw this sting was made for supper hard yoyo play so if your working for a contest you dont put a hole in you highlight stach


Nice color coices!

Though, I think its me, or… I feel the strings are a little loose. Just a suggestion, you might want to work on it, maybe not, depending on how it plays.


looser then highlights tighter the angel hair


awesome! i cant wait to try it.


staten island man i need your info plz pm it to me so that i can send this stuff out

(Jamesofyoyo) #6

Looks really sweet! I am diggin the colors. And nice Hatrick by the way. :wink:

~James Reed!


thanks picked that hatrick upp at erines place a few months ago


k i pm’d you connerleblanc


is it heavier than yye highlights?


ummm i dont have a scale but there both in my hand and cloud 9 seems heaver but not by much
hope that helps




how much $$


i have not made any prices yet but like 5-for 3.00 without shiping but they last a supper long time like a month for me ;D so idk but i sent them out today and the reviews should be here in a few days