Pretend your on a YYE Card!


You guys all know those Cool YoyoExpert Cards that come with your Yoyo Purchase.
Well, Pretend that You are on a Card.
What would it say?
Who are you sponsored by?
Favorite Throws?
Favorite Tricks?

This is just Pretend, so it really doesn’t matter what you put.

Ill give an Example.
This is what im Putting:

Name: Cody Wright
Sponsores: Yoyofactory
Favorite Throws: Severe, Northstar, Yuuksta.
Favorite Tricks: Eli Hops and Arm Grind
Although his Journey of Introduction to Yoyoing was Rough, He remains in Great Shape today. Cody didn’t get into Unresponsive Play until 1 Year of Yoyoing. His first Yoyo was a Duncan Imperial. He Started to Yoyo on October 17th, 2008. After a Year of Yoyoing with Speedmakers and Journeys, he finally got ready for his first Metal, the YYF Frantic. He immediately got into the Yoyoing World. He Started Posting Yoyo Videos of his Skills. on May 22nd, 2010, He Attended his Very First Contest. He Placed 13th in 1a, But he knows Some day, he will Place 1st in 1a. Today he is mostly known for his Yoyo Videos, but his Future remains in Mystery.

What would be on your YYE Card?

(BB) #2

name:brian Villane aka BB
sponsors:none hoping to get one from CRUCIAL
fav throws:pre pro tres leche,heavy cream,cream,5a blue bolt
fav trick:half mount into green triangle into cross armed green triangle
skill toys enthusiast,yoyocollector,modder,makes yoyos,fav quote:imagine(john lennon),likes to spred joy of yoyoing and rootbeer :slight_smile:


name:sean quinn
sponsors: none
favorite throws: pgm v2, dark magic 2, bigyo
favorite tricks: mcbride roller coaster
bio: sean quinn is a yoyoer that yoyos.


Name: Steve Couturier
Sponsor: NONE!!!
Fav. Yoyo: Fantastic plastics
Fav. trick: walk the dog
BIO: Lazy bum in training


Name: Grant “LazyThrower”
Sponsor: None, and don’t really want one.
Favorite Yoyos: YYJ DM, YYJ New Breed, YYF Protostar
Favotire Tricks: Rain, Torrent, Solar Wind
Bio: Short version. 1. Ned Show. 2. Broke yoyo. 3. Got a brain 9 months later. 4. Found Yomega. 5. Found YoyoExpert Long Version-,18975.0.html :slight_smile: As, for being lazy, I’m not really that lazy :P, but I only really do stuff that is needed to be done, interests me, or isn’t troublesome. :slight_smile:

(SR) #6

Name: Spencer Reynen
Sponsor: All the companies want me, and I can’t choose which! lol Probably General-Yo
Favorite YoYos by Company: Hatrick, MiniStar, Essence
Favorite YoYos not by Company: 888’s, ProtoStar
Favorite Tricks: One’s I make up.
Bio: YoYo boom. Got a yoyo. Learned tricks. Stopped learning tricks. Made up tricks.


Name: José Chavez.
Sponsor: Zim-Zam
Favorite yoyos: Zim Zam yoyos
Favorite Tricks: Blue Flying Angels
Bio: K-Strass got me into it.


Name: William “Billy BCIDE” Simon
Who are you sponsored by: Team YO-Zone
Favorite Throws: Mandalore brand Bandalores
Favorite Tricks: Pac-Attackin, Money Stackin, Graden Tool Whackin, Front Side Crack Spacklin
Bio: From the depths of his mother arose the new hot yo-sation of the millenia. His umbilical cord was actually a yoyo-string and inside that brilliant skull of his, was an X-BRAIN. Due to the advanced yo-nology that was at work, this young man, at the ripe old age of 24, was able to win the UYC (the Universal Yo-yo Challenge, for the uninformed) this brought upon a flurry of press and media attention which quickly forced the young man into solitude. Never to be bothered by the likes of anyone again, he spends his days throwing on top of a beautiful waterfall. YoyoExpert was lucky enough to get an exclusive photo of the yo-ing sensation and permission to to make this exclusive hella rare gold edition card.

(JosephP) #9

You are my hero.

(mikenak1) #10

my fantasy card would be:

Name: michaeln

Sponsor:i would probably want to be on yoyorecreation

Fav. throw: dreadnought

Fav. trick: slack stuff and tech tricks and some hop tricks

bio: first got his yoyo when he was young, he had no idea what serious yoyoing was. after a long yoyoing break of several years he found out about serious yoyoing when he was 13 and excelled quickly trying to be the best.


I inspire so many… :wink:

Name: G.Y0
Sponsor: YoYoing is for fun.
Favorite Throws: P2
Favorite Trick: The Tragedies of a Dying Butterfly.
Bio: Who takes time to read this?


Name: Paolo Bueno
Sponsor: Caribou Lodge YoYo Works
Fav. YoYo: Sasquatch
Fav Trick: Breakaway/Sleeper
Bio: I don’t belong on this card.