Presenting the RW Series From O.U.T

Once Upon a Tree’s new RW Series is sure to make the loyalist bearing throwers to jump over and try fixed play.

Just For Fun:

Cheap Thrills:

Pocket Love:


Wow, these are rad.

I wonder, can you replace the pictures inside them? ???

you are able to do that. As far as I understand, these rings are just keychain ring thingies that hold a plastic coated paper circle inside. So replacing them is possible and easy.

By the way, I’m a bit disappointed at the level of information about these RW Editions. I had to dig through the OUT Facebook presence to find out that “RW” stands for “Rim Weighted”, for instance. A little bit more information about those editions would have been appreciated.

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If I get one I would be replacing the art inside, like, every day. ;D

I wonder if it being “rim weighted” increases spin time/stability. Those aren’t things I usually think about when purchasing a fixed axle.

I adore my OUT Pocket Love, either way. It’s the best wooden yoyo I’ve owned.