Prague Popstar


Hey ! so looking over the internet i noticed that not all yye x yyf prague pack had the same color popstar and i was wondering if some were more rare than other like mine is dark blue and pink, some other have gold ones and other haves light blue and gold ?


I’ve seen solid colors, gold/blue, gold/purple and I understand there were a few splashes too which are the rarest of the Prague ones.


I have Gold/Black.


The Popstars I got were purple/gold and blue/gold. So, I’m going to put together the two gold unengraved halves and make one solid gold Popstar. It might be one of a kind. :-\


I’d love a black and gold PopStar, it would remind me of a Proyo Ace :slight_smile:


Mine is Light Blue and Gold (I think it’s gold, even though it has a greenish tinge to it).


The one I received is pink with black splash.

(major_seventh) #8

My friend got a solid blue


Purple and gold here.



(Erik Kerber ) #11


I received the light blue and gold.


Solid red


Orange and grey here.

(Cerulean) #15

mine looks like a shrek green


Blue and gold.


And also did you get it in the same box as the cypher or two seperate ones ?


Same box

(Erik Kerber ) #19


My first one came in the same but my second were seperate