Potato Style, as done by Offstew

Okay, so after a good year of this inside joke going through San Antonio meters, I decided to do it.

I want to do off, or in sense, stupid versions of tricks. Not that they are bad, but in a sense that they are just weird and messed up versions of the original trick. I want to keep the essence of the original trick still, but make it look odd. So that’s why the Potato name came in. It’s a reference to the Potato jokes online.

I will be posting my progress of it, as I get more made and recorded. My first one is going to be Potato Kwyji. I hop to get it recorded and posted here soon.

I would also love it if Y’all made requests for tricks that you think should be Potatoed. I think this can work fairly well if we all get into it. It will make more sense after I post the first vid, I think.

Again, I hope this works well, and thanks for those who participate!

Ian “offstew”

please do Electric Bologna
LOVE this idea!

Potato soiled panties?

Soiled potato

Soiled Potaties?

And now I have to learn soiled panties just to do this…XD. ATM, I am doing Basic Potato mounts, which I will post soon, hopefully. I hate how college got me a bit this week. I will do it!