PoP Cycle yoyo trick

Hey guys,
This trick is not hard so it should take less than a day to learn.
thank you,

i hate how the camera makes my voice sound. lol

I’m not good with names but awesome trick!

Nice trick. I commented on your video, but just in case you missed it:

Pop-Cycle would be a good name for it. 1) you have a lot of little pops in there when you get it smooth and 2) it’s a play on words.

I saw it. thanks

no idea what to call it, but i’m definitely going to try and learn it!

:smiley: :smiley: :wink:

there is still time!!!

It’s pretty much the hourglass mount to a green triangle, I’d call it the hour to pop

Its alright when i video myself it makes my voice sound so bad I hate that.

Purple Pickler. Power Glass. (play on hour glass) Time Extractor. Dual Lux Popper. Green Glass

Hour of Pops, Ace of Hearts. Weasel of the Night, Black Walrus of Destruction, Just a Jester.

And I wouldn’t have any problem whipping out any more if you want them. :smiley: