Pocket Change questions


I just got my pocket change and i put the offstring rims on it.
Like every few times i drop it the pieces go flying.
Is there a way to make it so the rims dont go flying off?
Also is there a way to make it vibe less with the regular rims on???


Just make sure you have the parts on tight.


I have a Pocket Change and all you need to do is keep the aps in the middle as tight as possible


I have a Pocket Change too and what are those two pieces next to the bearing called and how do you get them off, 'cause mine are stuck.

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I have lots of experience with the Pocket change:

  • I glued the parts together
  • The parts on the bearings are called spacers, take them off with pliers
  • the vibe is unavoidable, but try screwing stuff on tighter


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I almost kicked myself thinking it was my fault, phew :wink: